Could lightweight wheelchairs change your life?

Could lightweight wheelchairs change your life?

Are you getting frustrated with not being able to walk as far as you used to? Fed up of feeling immobile and not being able to go outside on your own, or even with your family or a carer? Being stuck indoors affects plenty of people, from those who have been involved in an accident and are temporarily immobile, to those who are simply experiencing getting older and finding it more difficult to get out and about in the community independently.

If you find yourself feeling trapped, or lacking the confidence to go for a trip outside because you don’t know if you will be able to make it all the way to town and back, lightweight wheelchairs could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

What is a lightweight wheelchair?

There are several types of these wheelchairs, but generally, they are what they claim to be, a wheelchair that is predominantly lighter in weight than the others that are available. They can fold down into a much more convenient size, enabling the user to put it easily into a vehicle. This means that people can take their wheelchairs with them wherever they go and have the confidence to be able to get around effortlessly. Going for lunch or visiting a museum with the family has now been more possible than ever. Before, this might not have been possible since a heavy-duty wheelchair may not fit easily into an average-sized car. Though, there can be other resources available such as wheelchair accessible van. These cars come with rear and side access and a ramp that can be smoothly used by a wheelchair ridden person without any issue. With the help of a lightweight wheelchair, a person can enter the van by themselves without additional help or support.

Self-propelled or being pushed by a loved one, these wheelchairs make everything so much more convenient, due to the fact that they can weigh as little as 8.5 kilos. This makes it easier for the elderly to manoeuvre themselves around, without requiring the immense upper body strength that other types of wheelchairs require.  

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Are these wheelchairs expensive?

There are several different types of these wheelchairs and they all vary in price. The high-end ones will no doubt provide more comfort and features compared to the lower end ones, but if it’s a simple one that is being sought out then you should be able to purchase one for an incredibly reasonable price.

Depending on circumstances, you may be able to get a wheelchair through the NHS, or at least get some financial help towards one. There are several NHS organisations that provide wheelchairs for those who have been suffering due to a lack of mobility, and it’s always worth discussing your options with your doctor before rushing out to purchase one yourself.

What to think about when purchasing your first lightweight wheelchair

Before getting over-excited at the prospect of regaining your independence, there are several things you should consider before actually obtaining your wheelchair. For example, how much will you be relying on it? If you know you’re going to be using it a majority of the time, in and out of the house, then it may be a good idea to request or spend a little more on getting a high-end one. If you’re going to be using it once a week for that special trip then an ultra-lightweight one that’s easy to store will help keeps costs down. Either way, you need to make sure you get the right wheelchair for you, so you can feel confident and comfortable again. It is time to take your independence back.